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The International Cooperation Office (ICO) at the University of Tripoli (UoT) establishes scientific and cultural cooperation between the UoT and the national, regional and international higher education institutions, by exchanging information, experiences and scientific advice with other international counterpart institutions. These exchange programs are for faculties, students and employees. The ICO prepares drafts of memoranda of understanding and contracts to activate cooperation agreements with various universities and research institutions. It also coordinates scientific conferences, seminars and workshops.

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2021-01-18 143 0

The International Cooperation Office (ICO) announces that the University of Tripoli has gained an Observer Membership of EURAS. It is a union covering universities and other higher education institutions within the Eurasian region. EURAS is a non-profit international association, promoting cooperation among over 110 universities from all across the West and Central Europe, Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East as well as the whole of Asia and working for the global advancement of educational standards in the Eurasian region.The ICO seizes this opportunity to extend its sincere congratulations the President of the University, Prof. Nabil Enattah and the University milieu for this membership that will give researchers at the University an opportunity for research and training collaboration. This achievement reflects positively on the academic and scientific reputation of the University of Tripoli at the local, regional and international levels.

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2021-01-13 135 0

On Wednesday, 13/01/2021, the International Cooperation Office participated in a Seminar on the internationalization of higher education in the Mediterranean region, which is supervised by the Euro-Mediterranean Universities Association in partnership with a group of Libyan universities.  This seminar comes to explore the results of the questionnaire that was used to collect data and regarding the international partnerships and programs that lead to the exchange of teachers and students among Euro-Mediterranean Universities. It also discussed methods of improving such programs to ensure the development of higher education in Libya.

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2021-01-07 164 0

In the framework of the activity of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Employability, the International Cooperation Office at the University of Tripoli is delighted to announce that UNIMED launches a call for applications for the 2nd edition of the international contest "Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean", known as "Start Cup Competition".This initiative is jointly organised by UNIMED and by the Lebanese University, coordinator of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Employability, with the collaboration of European Training Foundation, and sponsored by Agence Universitaire Francophonie.The final event of the “Start Cup Competition” will take place online on April 21, 2021, during a day dedicated to entrepreneurship-students in the Mediterranean countries.To find out how to participate, the selection criteria and any other details of this initiative, to which we encourage you to participate, please check this link: hope this initiative might be interesting for your students, for more information or/and to confirm your interest in participation, please write by the 2nd of February 2021 to: winning team will be awarded with 1.000,00 euros sponsored by the Agence Universitaire Francophonie.

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Mr. ehabeddin emhemed mohamed Elftisi

اسمى إيهاب امحمد الفطيسى متحصل على شهادة البكالوريوس في كلية الهندسة قسم الهندسة الكيميائية خريج سنة 2005 , متحصل على ماجستير في العلوم البيئة سنة 2016 , اعمل في مركز البحوث التقنيات الحيوية باحت في قسم البيئة والأغذية والتطبيقات الحيوية , منتدب للعمل في جامعة طرابلس لذا مكتب رئيس الجامعة نشغل حاليا رئيس وحدة المشاريع الأوروبية وكذلك رئيس وحدة التحقق من الشهادات .


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UNIMED, Libya Restart, A journey Analysis,

Universities are an essential element for a country’s reconstruction, for its future, the starting point for civil society, a place for discussing and proposing solutions. This consideration has been the base for the initiative Libya Restart. This is the reason why, UNIMED has started the collaboration with Libyan HEIs since 2015 for common participation in projects co-funded in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. As natural consequence, in 2018 UNIMED decided to launch Libya Restart, an institutional initiative aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the Libyan Higher Education System, through a research activity performed jointly by UNIMED staff and Libyan University academic and technical staff. Together, we spent more than one year collecting and analyzing data and documentation, discussing results, sharing ideas, making mistakes, finding alternative primary sources. Between 2018 and 2019 we have conducted an assessment work on the Higher Education system in Libya, its main priorities, needs and challenges, through the submission of a quantitative survey and a series of qualitative interviews. In this process, UNIMED has cooperated with the Presidencies and International Relations Offices of 16 Libyan universities arabic 9 English 34
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